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Business Card Printing – Creating an Impressive Brand Image

When designing and printing business cards, keep your brand’s overall identity in mind. This is because your business card is what a prospective client will use to determine whether or not to contact you for further information. While your logo and contact details should be clearly visible, be sure to keep them away from the edges of the card to prevent the prospect from getting the wrong idea. Additionally, it is important to double-check your spelling, as any typos can ruin your chance of gaining the interest of a prospective client.

Using an online tool to design your cards is a great way to save money, as some online providers offer free templates to create your cards. While many companies don’t offer free templates, Elite Flyers offers hundreds of them for only a small fee. You can even customize the design to your own preference, if you like. For example, you can select a standard design for $35 and get 1,000 cards for just under $100 with a custom design.

In addition to being a marketing tool, your business cards can also serve as testimonials. A testimonial from a satisfied customer can add credibility to your brand, and a client will be more likely to do business with you if they have a card that contains a testimonial. You should also have an effective visual flow for your business cards, so that they capture your audience’s attention. To make your cards look as professional as possible, opt for a vector-based PDF file.

Before you start designing your cards, choose the best photos for your business. You can use grayscale, RGB, or CMYK photos. To maximize the clarity of your photos, use transparent backgrounds when possible. You should also embed fonts in your business card design. You can find more information about the proper image format in this guide to designing posters. And finally, make sure you have a clear photo for your cards. That way, you’ll ensure they look perfect.

Make your business card design consistent with the tone of your brand. Your business card should match your logo, general colors, and other marketing materials. To make it easier to read, use left-align text. Centered text can be overwhelming. In contrast, colorful business cards can fit a fashionable toy store or trendy restaurant. If you’re unsure, use bleeds to extend your colored backgrounds off the edge of the card for a professional look.

Choose a quality business card stock. While regular cardstock is the most affordable choice, premium cardstock offers better durability, especially for larger quantities. You can also choose a glossy or matte finish, which is best for cards with lots of color or graphics. A textured or linen finish is even more fancy but will require a special printer. So make sure you hire a reliable print shop in Minneapolis to  help you create a custom logo, and brand kit, as well as design your cards.

Business Card Printing – Creating an Impressive Brand Image
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